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This is a brief overview of the editing and contributing process of the Wiki system used to build this site. Readers are allowed to edit and add content and structure to most of the documents.

For a more detailed Help please visit "How to edit a page"


[edit] Editing Basics

[edit] Formatting

[edit] Do not show as Wikicode


[edit] Simple formattings

  • '''Bold''' => Bold
  • ''Italic'' => Italic

[edit] Enumerations

* Some
* enumerations

  • Some
  • enumerations

[edit] Numerations

# 1
# 2
# 3
  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3

[edit] Headlines

= Big Headline =

== Headline ==

=== Small Headline ===


[edit] Calendar

Headline for an Event

== Headline ==

[edit] HTML

You can use HTML

  • <span style="color:red">Test</span> => Test
  • etc.

[edit] Links

[edit] Inside

Some of these links are functions (for example, if you type Image it will show an image) ... If you want to disable this function, you may type a colon instead, for example:

  • [[:Image:Test.png]] => Image:Test.png (without the colon, you should see the image)

[edit] Outside

Additionally, there are some Interlinks, for example:

[edit] "Normal" Weblinks

  • A link will automatically be formated as a link :
  • Or: [] => [1]
  • This is a classic link: [ Google] => Google

[edit] Images

You can upload an image Specialsite to upload something, an upload something ...

You can link an image like this:

[edit] Link to an image

[edit] To show the image

  • [[Image:Test.gif]]


  • [[Image:Test.gif|right]]

  • [[Image:Test.gif|center]]

  • [[Image:Test.gif|32px]]


  • [[Image:Test.gif|framed|right|thumb]]

  • [[Image:Test.gif|framed|right|thumb|a [[Test]]-image]]

You can set the formatting behind of the link. Anything MediaWiki does not indicate will be ignored. It has many more options you can find at Editinghelp of WikiPedia [2].

[edit] Image Galleries


Only list them, the rest is done MediaWiki

[edit] Drafts

One of the most powerful functions of MediaWiki is that you can integrate sites in other sites as drafts! Normally ther are the "Draft:"-Sites, but you can integrate all sites you want.

Look on this Page: Draft:Example 1

If I want to integrate this, then I use {{Example 1}}


Test-Draft #1

You can do this also through parameters, like this (Draft:Example 2):

{{Example 2|It's green...}}

It's green...

It works more complex (Draft:Example 3):

{{Example 3| Name = Max Mustermann | E-Mail = | Role = CEO}}

User: Max Mustermann
Role: CEO

You can type variable = value, and in the draft it will replace all {{{Variable}}} with the following value.

[edit] Tables

{| border="1"
| First column 1111111
| Second column
| and so on
| at once 2222222
First column 1111111 Second column
and so on at once 2222222
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